Tsetso Nikolov

Design and New product development

With a career that spans nearly two decades in design, I've transitioned from a front-end developer to a design generalist passionate about design operations and new product development. My work, deeply rooted in technical creativity and business insight, is shaped by my BA background and practical experience at one of Eastern Europe's most successful startups

I led the design of Vplay and myTV, socially impactful broadcasting services, growing them to over 6 million active users. Lately, my roles at Athlon and Quantive were marked by my adaptability – at Athlon as a design leader and at Quantive as a product designer. In my role at Quantive, I was a part of the product team that played a crucial role in securing a $160 million investment, thereby positioning the company as a leader in OKR methodology

Currently, I am at the forefront of education and innovation, leading the 'UX Design Advanced' program at SoftUni and directing an AI-focused startup

My work has not only been recognized in Forbes' 30 Under 30 but has also been instrumental in securing substantial investments for various projects